The Neighborhood Sessions
South Of Market
The Neighborhood Sessions
Secret set w/ The Ferocious Few
Thursday April 12, 2012


Melancholic and kind, Emily Jane White brings a soft emotion to all her work. With influences from her Fort Bragg, California youth to her time in Paris, the pianist now plays her soft “sadcore” sound to the audiences in San Francisco.

Watch her perform her first release off this summer’s Ode to Sentience. Originally written for the guitar but rewritten for the piano, with her keyboard and string section, Emily Jane White performs “Requiem Waltz.”

South of Market / San Francisco, CA / USA


Without the choral protection of The Mumlers, Will Sprott‘s 60s style rock stands raw and exposed. Solo performances from the boy from San Jose incorporate Sprott’s soul and folk influences with kitsch rock & roll fun.

Watch him perform “A Dog Will Love You When No One Else Will” at this private performance, brought to you by Audyssey, Noise Pop and the great people at

And be sure to hit up for his upcoming shows and news.

South of Market / San Francisco, CA / USA


On street corners and in train stations Francisco Fernandez spent years playing wherever he could. But these days The Ferocious Few is being recognized for some of the hottest new sounds in the Mission District. With heavy rhythms and a nouveau rock-a-billy energy, they’re proving that to affect culture, sometimes all it takes is the passion of a ferocious few.

Check out their album Juices on Birdman Records. Blurt magazine called it “the best debut album of the year.”

And watch them perform “Midnight Ghost” for this small San Francisco crowd at the most recent Audyssey Sessions event.

In conjunction with Noise Pop and, Audyssey presents The Neighborhood Sessions, an intimate live concert series with up and coming artists.

South of Market / San Francisco, CA / USA


In the ever evolving indie scene, there’s some bands who strike gold – internet gold that is. The formula being, a prominent indie music blog may write about an up and coming buzz band and within a week that band will have spread faster than a flu virus, taking over every music blog out there.

South of Market / San Francisco, CA / USA


San Francisco is a city brimming with hidden talent just waiting to be discovered. Charlie Yin’s bedroom project Giraffage is one of these hidden gems.