The Neighborhood Sessions
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The Neighborhood Sessions
Secret set w/ The Ferocious Few
Thursday April 12, 2012
Silver Lake / Los Angeles, CA
January 26, 2012


No matter how big or small, dreams seem to have a way of coming to fruition in a city like Los Angeles. Maybe it’s something in the air, the sunshine and palm trees, or the promise of opportunity oozing out of every street corner. Whatever it may be, such is true for local band RACES, whose humble beginnings manifested out of the desire to start anew.

Comprised of six twentysomethings, the group ditched their former namesake Black Jesus (probably a good call if you ask us) and christened their project RACES. The group originally formed as an impromptu ensemble for a one time gig but as fate would have it (lucky for us), continued to play together just for kicks. With slick chord progressions and hints of psychedelia, the sextet has created some nostalgia inducing guitar-based indie rock. That’s right – good ole indie rock.

Their debut and title track, Big Brooms, off their 2011 EP is truly an anthem for the twentysomething set. Telling a story of new beginnings (which is something the band knows about firsthand) the song gives a sample-sized taste of what’s to come on their debut LP, Year Of The Witch, set to come out this March.

Give the song a listen or check out the video for Big Brooms (the band’s very first video ever!) that premiered today over on Rolling Stone. We promise it’ll leave you begging for more. Oh, and don’t worry about that drool – we’ll wipe it up for ya.

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