The Neighborhood Sessions
South Of Market
The Neighborhood Sessions
Secret set w/ The Ferocious Few
Thursday April 12, 2012
Lower East Side / New York / USA
January 11, 2012


2011 was a banner year for experimental indie, and it’s hard to talk about all the amazing music that came out without thinking about Long Island’s Twin Sister. The dreamy pop outfit formed back in 2008 and since, released two EPs (Vampires With Dreaming Kids and Color Your Life) before recording their debut full-length, In Heaven.

The band’s hazey experimental pop is refreshing, dabbling in R&B and even disco influences. The ppening track, Daniel (below) shows off Andrea Estella’s dainty vocals that float above layers of shimmery drum patterns, violins, and what sounds like a xylophone or maybe even water-filled glasses being tapped ever so slightly. Soft and loungey, it’s one of those albums that just makes you feel all nice on the inside (y’know, that kind of warm feeling you get after a couple shots of whisky). Heavenly, for sure.

According to Pitchfork:

“Where individual sounds sometimes used to get swallowed in an underlying hiss, instruments now have room to breathe. Guitars sparkle, synthetic drumbeats strike with purpose, and singer Andrea Estella’s charming vocal squeak is closer to the fore. Increasing the production value is more than just a technical upgrade– it lets the band open up creatively and try different kinds of new sounds. And they do that with grace. From Stereolab-like lounge-pop to R&B-flecked Young Marble Giants minimalism, these guys run the gamut.”

Catch them on tour with fellow New Yorkers, Ava Luna, all through next month.

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